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Ads Winner

Starting €49/month. 

Beta version available.

Public release in April 2024.


Plusultra Labs

Last update


Special offer for the 50 first beta testers >

Master product research.  

 Skyrocket Sales 🚀

Scrap Smart.

Unlock Real-Time Winners.

Keep Your Secrets Safe. 

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What sets us apart in the world of ad spying tools ? 

🚫 No sharing. Just Winning.

By keeping your winners private, you can be your market leader. No competition, higher sales.

🎯 Most Duplicated Ads. Real Time Data.

Most efficient tool to scrap Ad Library. Define in real time market trends and scalable products.

How AdsWinner Work ? 🧐

Discover top-performing ads, products, and marketing strategies using

the number of ads they're duplicated in Meta library

*If you have questions, want to talk with our team or book a demo don't hesitate to message us.

+460 ads 

Scrolled and analysed per minute.

+6 hours

Of work resumed in less than 5 minutes.

+1 new feature

Released for Beta testers each month.

100% privacy

Your research is yours, and no data is shared to other users or competitors.

Scrap effortlessly 🎩

Choose your keyword, and unveil the entire spectrum of performing ads within that niche effortlessly.

Hunt winning products 🎯 (1).gif

Sort ads from the most to the least performing ones and discover winning ads.

Track gems overtime 🤑 (2).gif

Track the evolution of your preferred ads or stores, to see if they're scaling up or down over time.

Open for the first 50 subscribers

To launch at large scale, we test our solution for a fraction of the price, with beta testers.

We need your honest feedback. Price will never change for Beta users.


ONLY 149€ 49€/month 🚀

Main features and more ...

- Unlimited scraping 
- History eye tracking ads
- Coaching group beta testers
- Prior access to new features
- Price will never change for Beta users
- Manage your subscription at all time


Our beta testers results ✅

WhatsApp Image 2023-11-15 at 22.04.32 (1).png

Rony Suarez - USA Market - Dropshipping

"What a save of time ! Money making machine. No way you don't find winners with it."

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WhatsApp Image 2023-11-16 at 00.28.48 (2).png

Hamza Belkouch - Saudi Market - COD

"The ultimate tool that facebook was missing. Most important part is the "keep your winners private". Love it !"


Armand Godard - Sweden Market - Dropshipping

"Great tool, the only one I use since it's available. Got the chance to be on the Alpha team, still here for what's coming "

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