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Your Questions, our Answers.

And if you still have questions, our chat and mail support remain at your entire disposal.

How can I download the App ?

You can directly go on the home page, or on the section "download", and follow the subscription steps.

The extension is automatically added to you chrome browser, in the "extension section".

How can I activate the extension ?

You have nothing to do ! Once the extension is installed, you simply need to open the ad library on : "" and the toolbox will appear.

How each section works ?

Please refers to the section "how it works" on the main page

What number should I enter to get valuable results ?

The minium number to enter is "2" for at least a double duplicated ad. The more the ad is duplicated, the more there is chances that the seller is scaling. It then means that the creative attract people's attention. 


But keep in mind that an ad don't need to be scaled multiple time to be successfull. It all depends on the scalling method of the marketer. But a multi duplicated ad, is surely a winning ad. And add the filter "active" to see active products trending.

How does the history works ?

You simply need to click on "see ads details" at the bottom of the ad box, to open the ad on a single page. It will automatically add the product to your history, with the numer of ads it was initially duplicated with. 

You can manually update the number of ads if it is evolving, to determine either if the ad is scaling or downscaling. 

How to stop my susbcription ?

You can easily stop you subscription plan by getting into "setting" section and then "unsubscribe", or yyou can send us a message to, and get is done by the day !

How to use the folder tool ?

You can use the "folder" tool, to organise you ads by different sections. You can organise the selected ads by niches, shops, theme, peirod ...

What's the next available options ?

The app will be segmented into different options : 

1. Show the true potential of an ad over a period of time : Keep an overview on your favorite ads, and see eiher if the ad is scaling or downscaling.

2. Find the most performing keywords and discover the most promising niches

3. Add the winner product directly to your shop over one click 

4. Find the best suppliers, and the fastest compahny to deliver your products either if you work with your own, or online suppliers

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